Jun 28, 2007

Chaotic weather weekend

The clouds over Buda turned charcoal Friday night and in a matter of moments both sides of the Danube were soaked and scorched. Licks of lightning split trees left and right and most of Hungary felt the drenching.

Fortunately, nobody died, unlike last August 20 when revelers filled the streets of Budapest to celebrate St. Stephen's day -- the Hungarian national holiday. A similar summer storm broke in the middle of the festivities. The winds were so strong that a stack of glassware atop the Marriott Hotel blew into a panicky crowd below... Ouch!

The latest thunderstorms have led to brisk breezes and cooler weather, though, and it was pretty cool to see those clouds come in. It was kind of like Ghostbusters when the Keymaster found the gatekeeper.

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