May 18, 2007

Opening a Cannes of worms

Bonjour, and happy Friday everyone. The Festival de Cannes is turning out to be everything it's cracked up to be and Michelle and I have so many stories to tell. From a Puccini recital to a sunrise on the yacht of Saudi royalty, the first two nights of the festival have been all about parties and celebrity sightings.

Wednesday was opening night and a black tie gala at the Palais attracted everyone from stars to film students. Unfortunately, we weren't invited, but it was a different story at the V.I.P. Room afterward where Moby entertained a chic jet-set crowd. Michelle had a chat with Gerard Butler, otherwise known as King Leonidas of "300," and he turned out to be more than congenial.

Thursday, Michelle's help for the San Francisco Film Society at the Cinecitta press conference landed us an invitation to their gala dinner. It began with a goose bump-inspiring recital of Puccini's La Boheme and Madama Butterfly. The singers, Tiziana Ducati and Giorgio Berrugi, as well as pianist Francesca Tosi filled the Hilton lobby with a few tear-jerking arias.

Afterward, we followed Maria de Medeiros, of "Pulp Fiction" fame into the bowels of the Carlton hotel for a Nikki Beach extravaganza with a live house vocalist and just few bottles of Dom Perignon.

Back at the aforementioned V.I.P. Room, Pamela Anderson was kissing on some bearded dude while Kid Rock showed off one of his hats.

Then we met three Saudi princes who invited us back to their yacht. While it wasn't as impressive as the Afghan prince's ocean liner anchored in the harbor, it did boast two Picassos and a few Chagalls. We spent most of our time with feet in spa. I'll let the pictures explain.

So now it's Friday night and I've got to go. We miss everybody and I heard San Francisco is beautiful right now. Au Revoir!!!

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mari said...

did i miss something? what are you doing at cannes? working or playing or both? i'm so confused. but the pics are fantastic! keep 'em coming!